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Practice and research interests

I like to consider the experience of change and uncertainty as the fingerprint of curiousity.

To experience anything is to participate in it, and to participate is both to mould and to encounter (Heron and Reason 1997).

(Arts) Practice based inquiry

The reflective practitioner - attitudes of immersion, reflection and critical analysis in the creative arts.

(Supervision, pedagogy, companioning of postgraduate research, University of Melbourne and MIECAT)

See the work of Maria Randal, Janette Hoe, Soo Yeun You, Paul Roberts, Greg Dyson, Siobhan Murphy, Simon Ellis

Therapeutic applications:

Using movement, artwork and storytelling as therapeutic processes. (Dr Warren Lett and Dr Don Asker) "The Experience of Clients with Mental Illnes in Rehabilitation participating in Creative arts" - Mental Health Conference report 2004

Community creative processes of empowerment, self recognition and change.

Cross disciplinary creative processes and collaborative inquiry

Horizon of meanings project (2008) and

Latitudinal Conversations (2012)

published in Journal of Artistic Research

At least for a while (2014/15) Collaboration with Natalie Cursio, Daniel Crook and Don Asker

Bodies within landscapes (commenced 2017) collaboration with Helen Herbertson

Scorched (2021/22) videography with Jane Mortiss 

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