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Practice notes, research and reflections

Divergent dancing (2018) was a practice based investigation of body, place, time and environment

It involved:

Immersion in particular environments

Intra and intersubjective dialogues involving moving, writing, drawing, sculpting and collecting.


Conversations, exchanges, understandings and collaborations and the use of diverse poetic forms drawing on everyday experience.

The doctoral thesis  traces the embodied narratives written, told, repeated, and   formed and performed as movement poetics reflective of a 'self as a becoming identity'.

'I am conscious of a dialogue or engagement between my self and the landscape where both are mutually marked and adjusted. This is one of the core themes of the installation where through poetics of movement I explore the experience of being ‘in place’ and underlying issues of respectful, responsible and sustainable relationship to others, land and country' (2018, p.6).

I am interested in the way attention is 'drawn' or caught. 


As Noh (2004) observes,'Perception is not something that happens to us, or in us, it is something we do'.


I can shift from being aware to a more thoughtful and reflective state. It  can occur in bursts - in fits and starts and can trickle away to be something we are scarcely conscious of, as when we fall asleep.

More recently I have been involved in videographic processes of documenting the 2019/21 catastrophic fires and floods in southern NSW, Australia see Scorched 2021). This has evolved to a multi-modal/mixed media documentation and cataloguing of the environment

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