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arts based practices

NAARILLA is a place for artistic practices located at the edge of a colonial past, a natural world and a postmodern culture. Central to our practices are improvisational attitudes of sensory aliveness in tension with mindful awareness.

Mortiss and Asker are interested in:

cultivating a sensitivity to place and situation collaborative process and fostering respect between and with contributing others, creating opportunity for self determination, an extended epistemology and use of multi disciplinary modes and forms.

Naarilla is situated on the Towamba River, 5 kilometres from its mouth at Twofold Bay in southern NSW, Australia. Approximately 45 hectares is dedicated to conservation of natural flora and fauna with the commitment to restoring and sustaining a viable ecological system. Another 45 hectares continues to be managed as a small beef producing farm. 

We are interested to support the creative practice and research of others.


Asker and Mortiss pursue improvisational and choreographic practices. The phenomena of every day experience are reflected in the choreographic forms and embodiment. The challenge of valuing subjective experience and finding critical awareness and objectivity is a fragile balance of what might be called a phenomenological attitude and embodied self narrative.

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