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Collaborative practices

Horizons of meaning (2008)

Exploration of place(s) and identity

Histories and local stories.

A collaboration with Lee Pemberton, Paul Hopper, Don Asker, Paul and Rachel Mosig (the contextual villains/racket) and Jane Mortiss.

Initial exploration supported by Critical Path (Arts NSW).

Latitudinal conversations (2012), a collaborative project centred in the environment around Kiah, NSW, with Helen Herbertson, John Salisbury and Don Asker.

Bodies within landscapes (commenced 2017), a collaborative project with Helen Herbertson, John Salisbury and Don Asker

Scorched (2021/22), videography based on prose documenting experience of catastrophic fires in southern NSW, Australia (with Jane Mortiss)

Participation with others in conservation and environmentally based art activism. Including Wildart south coast NSW.

Field work with graduate researchers and others involving sustained engagement within rural landscapes.

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